Надежда Черданцева

Nadezhda V. Cherdyntseva, professor
Deputy Director of the Tomsk Cancer Research Institute, Head of Department
of Molecular oncology and Immunology.
Research interests: molecular oncology, immunology, pathophysiology
She is the member of Russian Society of Immunology and Allergology; European
Society of Cancer Research; European Respiratory Society; European Society
Medical Oncology
The recent grants:
2014-2015. Principal Investigator. Clonal-invasive architectonic of tumor
as the new research platform to elaborate prognostic and predictive markers
for breast cancer patients. Russian Science Foundation. 14-15-00318.
2014-2015. Co-Principal Investigator. Molecular mechanism of M2 macrophage
regulator proteins on tumor microenvironment and tumor progression. Russian
Science Foundation.14-15-00350

Address: Kooperativny per., 5 Tomsk, 634009, Russia, tel. 8-3822-51-53-42,
fax 8-3822-51-40-97
e-mail: [email protected]; http//www.oncology.tomsk.ru

Title of presentation: «The tumor microenvironment as a promising target to
antitumor therapy»