Алексей Кривошапкин

Alexei Leonidovich KRIVOSHAPKIN, MD, PhD, FRCS(NS).
Consultant Neurosurgeon, Professor in Neurosurgery,
Novosibirsk, Russia
e-mail: [email protected]
Head of the Neurosurgery Department,
Novosibirsk State Medical University
Chief of Neurosurgery Department,
European Medical Center, Moscow, 129090, Moscow, Schepkina str. 35
Principal research officer,
Meshalkin State Research Institute of Circulation Pathology, Novosibirsk
phone: +7 383- 2 11-2418,
Cell: +7 913-986-9161, +7 903-7653-206.
Fax: +7 495 933 6659,
Vice-president of Russian Federation Neurosurgical Association
Individual member of EANS
International member of AANS
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

226 published papers on MRI, CT, CBF studies on severe head injury and cerebral ischaemia, microcirculation and angioarchitectonics, microneurosurgery, porous bone graft substitutes for cranial surgery, effects perfluorochemicals on cerebral contusion, cerebral AVM and aneurysm surgery, Neuronavigation, Neuroendoscopy, Adjuvant therapy for malignant glioma. Experimental assessment and clinical introduction of perfluorochemicals in severe head injury. Concept of cerebral revascularization using porous materials. Clinical definition and development of the concept of ischaemic lesion reversibility. Glioma management. Cerebral AVM and aneurysm treatment. History of Neurosurgery.
14 patents.

1. Severe Head Injury (SHI):
Experimental and clinical study of Cerebral Circulation in Carotid and Vertebro-basilar Territories in Severe Head Injury(SHI). Concept of brain stem cerebrovascular disturbance in severe head injury (with Prof K.I. Kharitonova).
Place perfluorochemicals in SHI management.
Concept of Adaptive Mechanisms on severe head injury (with Prof S.S. Rabinivich).
Epidemiology of head and spinal cord injury in Siberian region (with Prof K.I. Kharitonova).
2. Neuro-imaging:Correlation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computerized Tomography Data with Outcome of Cerebral Revascularization after Stroke.
3. Microsurgery: Concept, design, construction and development of neurosurgical procedure and instruments for bypass surgery, omentum transplantation, cerebral aneurysms and AVMs.
AVM colouring technique.
4. Cerebral Microcirculation
Architectonics of Circulatory bed in mammals. Perfluorochemical influence on microcirculation ( with prof. A.S. Golub, Richmond, USA).
5. Cerebro-vascular disorders
Concept and development quantitative CCA compression test for
TCD examination. Indications for cerebral revascularization.
6.Chronic Subdural Haematomas (CSDH) Concept of TCD examination with CCA compression test for CSDH (with Mr. J.L. Firth and Mr. T.D. Hope)
7. Brain tumor management.: Neuronavigation (computer&5 ALA) for brain tumors
8. Cerebral AVM and aneurysm treatment.
9. History of Neurosurgery.