Karl-Heinrich Link

Karl-Heinrich Link, M.D., Dr.h.c.
Director Surgical Center and
Asklepios Tumor Center Rhein/Main (ATC)
Asklepios Paulinen Klinik (APK)
Wiesbaden, Germany
e-mail: [email protected]

The title of the lecture:

“Translation Research in Surgical Oncology”
“Modern Surgical Oncology in General and Viszeral Surgery” on May 24th and/or on the Meeting

Clinically: Surgical training with Professors K.Schwemmle (Giessen) and H.Beger (Ulm);Professor of Surgery at Univ.Ulm since 2001; Head of Dept.Surgery, of DKG large bowel organ center and of DKG cancer center and DGAV center of expertise for the treatment of malignant peritoneal disease at APK Wiesbaden; Head Med.Board Surgery Asklepios since 2002. Formation and head of national research group FOGT.

Improvement of 5-y-suvival rate in colon Cancer UICC III from 48% to 72%. Fundamental analysis of factors determining quality in GI-cancer surgery.

Scientfically: DFG funded postdoctoral training with Prof.Charles Heidelberger and J.Landolph at USC Kenneth Norris Cancer Center 1980-82; DFG funded translational research projects, honoreded with Schouder Award Lecture, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University 2001, and Oscar Schubert award and lecture, Swedish society of medicine, Stockholm 2004 ; in vitro phase II trial and protocol development for regional chemotherapeutic procedures; first paper on treatment individualization of chemotherapy in nonresectable liver tumors/metastases using cell culture and molecular biology, awarded as “best paper of the year” in the journal “Cancer” (December 2000).

Establishment of multimodal therapy of colon and rectal cancer in Germany with large scale phase III trials FOGT 1, 2, 4. First prospective randomized trial/paper proofing positive effect of treatment individualization in colorectal liver metastases with molecular TS determination (FOGT 5, coop. with P.V.and K.Danenberg, LA, CA, USA). One of the first papers showing predictive effect of TS and DPDH determination in primary tumors treated with neoadjuvant/adjuvant multimodal therapy (FOGT 1+2, coop with PV+K.Danenberg). First report on split time resection of nonresectable colorectal liver metastasis (including treatment individualization).

One of the two first reports with a major patient number on downstaging and secondary resection of primarily nonrectable colorectal liver metastases. Basic research and co-development of cytoreductive surgery/hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (CRS/HIPEC) up to S3 guide line level in Germany. Oral (original and review) presentations, organization and head of sessions (> 1000) in (most prestigious) conferences and publications (> 100) in (highly) rated journals.

Societies: Member of the relevant national/international surgical and cancer research societies, leading positions. Member of DKG national S3 guide line commissions (colon- and rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, psychooncology). Co-foundation of “du bist kostbar”, meanwhile a national DKG-project for cancer prevention. 1-year-action for secondary colonoscopic prevention of colon- and rectal cancer, theoretically saving 48 lifes. Many nationa/international contacts with coorganization of meetings.